Drive-Thru Cleaning

There are many businesses that make use of a drive-thru, such as dry cleaners, banks, pharmacies, and convenience stores – just to name a few. By their very nature though, drive-thru’s are typically the most heavily trafficked area around a business and coincidentally the dirtiest.

Most people equate a drive-thru with fast food. It’s understandable, fast food restaurants are what made the drive-thru famous. You might not spend a lot of time thinking about the impression customers get from seeing the cleanliness of your drive-thru windows.

Pressure washing is a low-cost method of treating tire marks, oil stains, fuel spots, graffiti, and caked-on grim often associated with a drive-thru. There is no need to look to expensive restoration projects to revitalize your exterior surfaces.

Island Blue Services is your answer, look no further, we have highly trained technicians who can get your drive-thru looking new again!

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